Does On Island Time set the pricing?

Yes, this is done with owner preference and input. Rates need to be carefully researched and adjusted based on occupancy,
the competition and season. We constantly monitor rental rates and occupancy and will assure your property is being rented
as often as possible for the highest amounts possible. 

What is your average response time to customer inquiries?

We strive to respond within 30 minutes or LESS, for any inquiry received between 9am – 9pm, every day of the week. We usually respond sooner to most inquiries. If they leave a phone number our policy is to call until we speak with them and email as a follow-up. We strive to reach our guests by phone and discuss their vacation plans.

What is your procedure for welcoming a new guest?

Our goal is to exceed our guest’s expectations for their vacation. We have found that guests check in at all times of the day and are tired from travels and prefer to go directly to the property. Our guests will proceed to the property and if they have any issues we go out and respond in person to their requests. We have four full-time staff members that live in the Port Aransas area and someone is always available to attend to the guest’s needs and requests.

Do you provide guests with anything special?

We want our guests to feel special and welcomed. We leave a welcome basket of starter supplies for guests along with some goodies to enjoy during their stay. This is one of the ways we try to provide a personal touch. Every guest also receives a welcome email and/or call/text from us to assure they arrived and the home is satisfactory.

Do I need a locked Homeowner’s closet?

If owners decide to leave any personal items that are not intended for use by guests we
suggest you have one locked closet for such items.

Can I set rules for my property?

Of course, it is your property. Set rules that make you comfortable. All our properties are non-smoking. You should consider things such as: Allowing pets? Maximum number of guests you will allow at one time?

Are there insurance requirements?

Yes, every homeowner must provide proof of liability insurance on the property.
You should discuss any additional insurance coverage with your provider.

How are keys managed?

There are no keys. We will install a keyless entry lock to allow us to set entry times for each guest. There are no keys or cards, making it simple and secure for homeowners, guests, staff and management. Every guest gets a code that turns on at check-in time and shuts off at check-out time. If an incident does occur then we can audit the locks to check who was in there last.

What about repairs?

It is our policy to notify owners of any and all repairs. If for any reason an owner cannot be reached we are authorized to proceed with any repairs under $200. If repairs in excess of $200 become necessary, we will exercise a conservative
decision to remedy the problem and keep the guest in place. All repairs are billed to the owner and will appear on the monthly statement.

How are reservations made?

The majority of reservations will be made through our online reservation system which is integrated with our website, distribution websites and Owner Web.  Guests can book online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
This reservation system creates accurate records and prevents overbooking and confusion.
We are available by phone and email 7 days a week for guest reservations.